Psychotronic Rock and Roll!

Playlist for Episode 50

Zorch Radio playlist for episode 50
Air date: June 2nd, 2011

Meteors – Graveyard Stomp – Big Beat
Meteors – Stampede – Anagram
Paul Fenech – Satan’s Own – Anagram
New Bomb Turks – Professional Againster – Epitaph
Creepy Creeps – Biffins Bridge – Green Door
Cynics – Turn Me Loose = Get Hip
Memphis Morticians – Electric Chair – Kaiser
Vibes – Scratch My Back – Big Beat
Monsters – I Got the Brain Up My Ass – Voodoo Rhythm
Primate 5 – Greenwood House of Mystery – Hubba Hubba
Gories – Sister Anne – Fan Club
Krewmen – Sweet Dreams – Crazy Love
Season of Nightmares – Psycho Killer – Analog Arkives
Cosmic Voodoo – Vertigo – Kaiser
Los Gatos Locos – Psychobilly Baptism – Tombstone
Mad Sin – Human Fly – Fury
Demented Are Go – Cast Iron Arm – Cherry Red
Flapjacks – 6th Street – Tim Kerr
Blue Demon – Who Walks In When I Walk Out? – Self Released
Hasil Adkins – Do the Scalp – Norton
Alley Dukes – No More Hot Dogs – Flying Saucer
Shivering Denizens – Good Times at the Gates of Hell
Jimmy Lee Maslon – 3D Daddy – Rollin Rock
Sharks – I Can’t Stop – Nervous
Three Blue Teardrops – Little Lovely – Self Released
Legendary Raw Deal – Devil on Her Mind – Cherry Red
Nick Curran and the Lowlifes – Kill My Baby – Eclecto Groove
Cramps – Tear It Up – IRS
Deltas – Boogie Disease – Vampirette
Dragstrip Riot – Last Chance for Goodbye – Magnum Twins
Dragstrip Riot – Misc tracks from Aly Hellcat
Hopeless Jack and the Handsome Devils – Misc tracks from Aly Hellcat
The Twangshifters – Misc tracks from Aly Hellcat

RadiOblivion Episode Three

Astroglides – Guitar Cha-Cha – Sshakin Recordss

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