Psychotronic Rock and Roll!


A quick description on these items:

The Promo’s get played during regular rotation at KGRG to promote Thursday nights. The Mixtapes are also songs that get inserted into regular rotation at KGRG to give people a sample of what they would hear during a specific specialty show. You can check out for a listing of their other specialty shows.

KA – Two Night Stand: Reverend Horton Heat, Supersuckers and Zeke at El Corazon

Zorch Radio Fall Promo 2011

Zorch Radio Summer Promo 2011

Zorch Radio Spring Promo 2011

Zorch Radio Winter Promo 2010

Zorch Radio Summer Promo 2010

Nekromantix – Aug 2nd, 2011 at El Corazon

Wages of Sin – July 15th, 2011 at Sunset Tavern

Guest DJ Promo – Nicole Pike – July 14th

Blessing of the Cars – June 19th, 2011

Bob’s Abortion Clinic

John Wayne VS the Nazis

President Frankenstein

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